We are looking for the smartest people. Work with us to change the way businesses are run

Do you want to work at your pace and drive it as your own? Bitten by the innovation bug for the expanding 24X7 economy? Want to set your own deadline and target so that you can drive the company?

Cozentus is young and agile. Our team has the right mix of people with vast Industry knowledge and technology experience. We provide opportunities and challenges beyond the current role for those looking for lead.

If you also have the urge to work flexi timings, enjoy no leave policy and other work benefits, it sweetens the offer. All this adds to a better work-life balance.

We are looking for the smart people !

At Cozentus we believe that work and passion should be one. If you are passionate about solving business problems with innovative ideas, you are most welcome.

If you are supply chain logistics expert or are emerging technology enthusiast, we welcome you to join Cozentus and experience the joy of working for yourself.